• Do you have a screw tattoo?

    Date: 2010.10.01 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Tags:

    or a bolt?

    I just finished listening to Episode 12 of Fully Threaded Radio and the guys were talking (ok- Eric was talking and Brian was chuckling) about whether there should be a screw or bolt tattoo for fastener people (you have to hear the whole show to know why).  Eric mentioned that some weirdo named Andy at ScrewCrew.com might know more about such a thing, so I took that as a challenge.  Below is a pic I found of a stranger’s screw tattoo.  It would be nice if somebody from the fastener industry had a fastener tattoo and was willing to share it with the fastener world.  So I am offering a reward of fame to the first Fastener Freak to send me a picture of his/her fastener tattoo, and agree to let me post it on this site.  Show us your tatt!

    Either comment with a link to an online photo, or email me at  andypels[at]screwcrew[dot]com (use an actual @ and a . )

    Screw Tattoo

    This is a stranger's. We need one from a fastener freak.

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