• What the heck is #NIFSW?

    Date: 2010.11.03 | Category: Fastener Industry | Tags:

    I suggested that we use #NIFSW for the Twitter hashtag for the National Industrial Fastener Show West.  I picked it becuase NIFSW seems to be the acronym of choice already and because it is not already being used on Twitter for anything else.

    Now I am reminded that most of us in the fastener industry are pretty new to all of this Twitter stuff and many don’t know what the heck it is (I happened to fall in with a bad crowd of geeks online).  So here is an explanation.

    For our purposes, if anybody tweets (that’s writing an update on Twitter) anything related to the Vegas fastener show and they include #NIFSW in the tweet, then anybody else who does a Twitter search for ” #NIFSW ” will see all of those tweets.  Like right now, instead of the blank results I got earlier, I see this since I did a few test tweets with #NIFSW in them

    So if I did a Twitter search for #NIFSW this Tuesday night I might see tweets from 10-20 (or 100 would be great) people that say things like:

    “Show is great so far! #NIFSW”

    “Hey, where’s the party? #NIFSW”

    “I see T.S. pounding down some Old Rusty Bolt #NIFSW”

    “Don’t worry all, T.S. is going to be fine, and management has lifted the ban on fastener people. #NIFSW”

    It’s an easy way to search for Tweets relating to the show since everybody will include the same thing (#NIFSW) in order to be found.

    And, the search will bring up Twitter users who you might not be following already, and puts all of the #NIFSW tweets in one place – either on the Twitter search page itself, or you can get fancy and have a dedicated search column or search tab on an application like Tweetdeck (there are lots of these apps)

    But to re-simplify – if people include #NIFSW in their tweets, all of those messages will show up together in a Twitter search for #NIFSW.  Go do some tweets that way so you can try it out.

    If anybody has any questions, please ask them in the comments.

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