• All of those “screw” jokes have now been formalized.

    Date: 2011.05.27 | Category: Fastener Fun | Tags:

    I recently received a very nice email from a woman named Laura ter Kuile  – who lives in England!  She found this crazy blog and thought (correctly) that I’d be interested in some fastener-related artwork she has worked on.  Here is part of her email to explain:

    “I’m currently finishing my University course in Falmouth, UK.   I’m studying Contemporary Crafts and have recently completed a body of work inspired by screw threads, nuts and bolts, and general mechanical fun, which I try to relate back to the human body – which really is the perfect machine.   The attached piece is called ‘Screwed’, and it is a commission for the local museum here which wanted me to respond to their up coming exhibition on sex education this summer.”

    She attached a photo all right.  Below is a small version that doesn’t really show how the work would be related to sex education.  If you want to “see it all” click on the small photo to get a better look.  It’s very interesting, maybe not something you want to use as your desktop background in the office, but interesting art nonetheless. I will be honest.  When I first saw the full size version, I thought (and maybe even said), “Ew!”  But then it made me wonder about why people are so uptight about, um, certain things that really should be no big deal.  I also like how she has the nut sitting on a corner rather than on a flat. I think it adds animation to it.

    I’m sure she would appreciate knowing your thoughts if you’ll leave a comment.



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