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  • Somebody Else Who is as Nuts as I am.

    Date: 2012.06.15 | Category: Fastener Fun | Response: 0

    I came across a site called Inspiration Green, and it includes images of some fantastic sculpture made of fasteners.  Here’s one of them.  Check out the blog for more.


    "OTOÑO" by Manuel Marti Mareno Valencia, Spain, 150x56x75 cm martimoreno.blogspot.com

  • Listen to Fully Threaded Radio with me.

    Date: 2012.05.25 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 0

    I see there is another episode of Fully Threaded Radio available.  I will be listening to it momentarily and hope you will, too.

    Fully Threaded Radio


  • Check out my “new voice” on Fully Threaded

    Date: 2012.04.28 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 1

    The Fully Threaded Radio guys let me come on the show and talk with them about the AmazonSupply.com news.  I splurged ($14.99) on a new headset for Skype, so I am hoping that the new microphone will remove some of my nasally voice qualities.  Oh – and there are other people on the show, too.  🙂  It’s another great one.

    Fully Threaded Radio

  • Porteous Goes Hollywood

    Date: 2012.04.24 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 0

    I just saw a nice, quick video from Porteous Fastener Company illustrating their mill sourcing process with brevity and humor.  Nicely done.  I guess when you’re in Southern California you can’t get away from that cinema bug.
    I’m not sure if you have to be on Facebook to see it, but give it a try.


  • Fully Threaded Radio – What can I say?

    Date: 2012.04.13 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 0

    These Fully Threaded guys have created an industry institution, which fits very well since many people think they should be institutionalized.

    Fully Threaded Radio

  • A place for Fastener Freaks to rest their weary bones

    Date: 2012.03.16 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 0

    This beautiful chair is the perfect place to sit with your favorite Twitter-enabled device and take part in #fastlink Friday.

    bolt and nut chair

  • I Sold Fasteners for the Golden Gate Bridge, Sonny!

    Date: 2012.02.11 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 0

    [Below is a copy of a comment I made at the pre-eminent fastener industry blog, Fastener Talk.  The blog’s author gets out on the road more than I do these days and he reminded me why I used to like it so much (on some days)]

    I sold fasteners for the Golden Gate bridge! No, I am not THAT old. It wasn’t in the 30’s, but I sold rivets to a metal fabricator back in the 80’s and went to see them once and found out they were using them for replacement railing on the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only that, but their contract included removing the old railing that was being duplicated and replaced. The owner had six foot sections of the old rail for sale for 100 bucks each. I almost bought one then even though that was more than a whole day’s pay, even in a good month, and it wouldn’t have fit in the back of my little Nissan Sentra. With all of the great TV shows like American Pickers today, I now know I was right about the value and I should have bought it! I could have gotten it authenticated and everything. I found a picture of the railing now, exactly as I remember seeing these guys fabricating it and hot riveting with “my” rivets. I’ve got to get out in the field more. I had forgotten what fun it is to see fasteners in action.

    Best Frends Forever - Golden Gate bridge guard rail 166

    photo by Guillaume Paumier / Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-3.0 http://www.gpaumier.org/

    I might try and crash the Pac-West event in SF since I am nearby. Since the company I work for is based in TX, we are not members. Maybe I can dress like a waiter and sneak in.

  • Fully Threaded Radio Wraps up 2011

    Date: 2011.12.09 | Category: Fastener Fun, Fastener Industry | Response: 0

    Check out the latest episode of Fully Threaded Radio for some mostly fastener related reflections on 2011 and predictions about 2012.

    Fully Threaded Radio

  • Something Every Fastener Freak Needs to See

    Date: 2011.12.09 | Category: Fastener Fun | Response: 0

    I have seen some images online of some of these screw sculptures, but this article at TwistedSifter.com has some great photos that really capture what this guy is up to, along with some very interesting information about this award-winning artist who is smart enough to use fasteners in some fantastic forms.

  • No Average Fastener Sculpture

    Date: 2011.12.09 | Category: Fastener Fun | Response: 0

    People have been soldering, brazing and welding fasteners together into shapes for a long time.  This one seems to take it a step (or ten) further.  Very nice looking and well done.  If you can swing the 200 bucks, it would be very cool.  I think it is modeled after a Doberman, so if you are a Fastener Freak with a Doberman, well…

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